Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Vegas

Arrived in Vegas this afternoon. Its hot as hell...was 97 when I landed at 5.

I'm staying at Bally's tonight and then moving over to the Mirage for a week or so. The rooms here are surprisingly nice. I wasn't expecting much and booked the room for the cheap rate and close proximity to the Mirage, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Mandalay Bay's rooms look like Motel 6 in comparison.

I checked in real fast and headed over to the Mirage. Lindgren and Frolick(sp) were playing their round of 16 HU match in the 5k; not sure who ended up winning. Anyway, I registered for tomorrows $1580 super satellite to the main event, which starts at noon. Hopefully I scoop up a seat as this will probably be the only satellite I play for the Mirage Poker Showdown.

I'll let you guys know how it went tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Interested to read about your WSOP experience... keep the posts coming.

Anonymous said...

Good luck

- Waffles2003

Kurt said...


So hey, turns out I'm gonna be coming down there to help out cardcore with all the wsop updates and shit, so he's putting me up, and while I'll have much less free time, i'll be getting paid for it, so it works out I guess. I just told work I need 7 weeks off, so I hope I have a job when I get back.

Oh, but that means I'll be down there the entire time, so I'll see you in a couple weeks.