Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WSOP Update

My last post was about winning the Mirage 10k seat, and I haven't felt like writing since. I'm sure most of you that read the blog know what happened there, and quite honestly I don't feel like recapping. I'll just say I was pretty upset for a while.

Here is what has happened so far at the WSOP:

$1500 PLHE: 200/400 I have about 11k total. I raise JhJc utg to 1200, Bobby Bellande with a massive stack flat calls and Jimmy Tran flat calls from the button. Flop comes Jx 4s 6s. I bet 2500, Bellande calls, Jimmy Tran folds. Turn comes 9s. I check, Bellande thinks for a few seconds and sticks in a huge stack of 500 chips that puts me in. Eventually I call, Bellande shows the 10s10x. River obv 2s.

$1500 O8: I make day 2 with a well above avg stack. Day 2 was a nightmare. At 1k/2k limits it was folded to me in the sb with 19k in my stack. I raise Ac3cKx6x, bb loose bad player calls. Flop Kc4c2x. Monster flop. Obv get scooped.

Then I raise A234 double suited and get 3 bet, flop comes k99 none of my suits I check fold. Then I have 3 bets left and get the rest in during a limped pot when I flop top set and it comes runner runner low for someone to make a straight and scoop me. I end up busting about 20 spots shy of the $.

$1500 6 max: Lose half my stack early with AA on an uncoordinated board to someones set, then lose the rest with AK to 88 aipf.

$2500 nlhe: Lose half my stack early due to an idiotic bluff. Then I win a race against my roommate Tmay with AK to his QQ, and double again with AKcc to A10ss aipf. At 200/400/50 I raise black Queens UTG to 1200 (10k to start) and a huge stack calls from the co and PearlJammer calls from the button. Flop comes 8d9d3c. I bet 3000, co folds, PearlJammer almost instantly puts a big stack in the middle to set me in.

I thought forever, but there were too many factors that forced me to call here. I called and he showed Jd10d giving him 14 outs twice. The turn paired the 3 to kill one of his outs, but the river was the 7 of diamonds to give him the straight flush.

So far that makes me 0/4, but I'm happy with how I've been playing. I've played a few sessions of cash (10/25nl at Rio and 10/20nl at Bellagio) with mixed results. Rachel is coming into town this weekend, so I won't be playing another WSOP event until Monday at the earliest.

Gl to anyone else playing the WSOP.